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Welcome to the Electronic Network for Arab-West Understanding, an ambitious project to establish a self-sustaining, specialized information network that will link together, through a multi-lingual web-based portal, a worldwide network of knowledge institutes and information repositories

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At present we are using Google Custom Search to enable visitors and users to search the websites of ENAWU partners and members.

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The Arab West Report Index Search

In addition to Google Custom Search we have developed AWR Index, an index currently tailored to contemporary Egyptian/Arab newspaper reporting. Read this article about the AWR Index for more details and click on the links below to see examples from the AWR website.


Heart of Jenin a deeply moving film

Father of Ahmed Khatib awarded Peace Prize 2010 of State of Hessen /  Germany

You probably have heard the story of Ismael Khatib, the father whose 8 year old son Ahmed Khatib was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in Jenin / Palestine because they mistook his plastic toy gun for a real weapon.

After there was no more hope for Ahmed his father Ismael agreed to donate Ahmeds organs for other children to help save their lives. Among them were a Jewish Orthodox girl. Image

For this Ismael Kahatib was awarded the peace prize of the State of Hessen in Germany in 2010.

Leon Geller and Marcus Vetter have made a moving film about this incident and how Ismael Khatib visited the children whose lives could be saved by the organs of his son.

This film is now available in German and French on arte-tv

A lot of tht dialogues are in Arabic so it may be interesting to Arabic audience also.

The film moved me very much because it showed the dimensions of the Israeli / Palestine conflict from both sides and how a father walks the way of peace instead of revenge.


Bad start of new year for Christians in Egypt

(Alexandria, EGYPT) - Twenty-one people are dead and eighty-three injured in an apparent suicide attack outside a Coptic Orthodox Church in Alexandria, Egypt. The bombing occurred during the New Year’s Eve mass at the Saint Paul and Peter Church, just twenty minutes into the new year...

22 Copts killed outside Alexandria Church


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Palestinian Christian priests call for non-violent resistance

In a Jordan Times article titled "Palestinian Christian priests call for non-violent resistance" Daoud Kuttab tells the story of how Christian Palestinians call for peaceful resistance.

Father Khader, was interviewed  on Radio Mawwal in Bethlehem when a caller wanted him to explain the words of Jesus, “to love your enemy”, in light of the occupation and walls built by Israel and the injustice against Palestinians.

"We are committed to these words without reservation" Father Khader said knowing what people would feel who listened to his words on the radio.

Read the full story at the Jordan times

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