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ZIVIK Conflict Resolution

The ZIVIK Peacemaking Project is a civil society conflict resolution project sponsored by the German Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (IFA). ZIVIK is a German acronym for civil conflict resolution.

The project is an effort to encourage social relations which limit the escalation of conflict and which help repair communities once it occurs.

The project has collected data from several categories, which has produced the paper listed below. These are from a case study of Izbet Bushra, where Muslims and Christians became involved in conflict following a church building dispute. It also has produced two workshops, seeking to instill these values in the Egyptian media and NGO community. Through the lens of these values the project has studied and commented on the recent conflict in Nag Hamadi, in which six Christians were killed exiting church on Coptic Christmas Eve.

The project is currently studying avenues to participate in area reconciliation. Reconciliation also merits a special section of this project, for which several reports have been collected. Finally, interviews with prominent Egyptians on related topics have informed the direction of the project. The reader is welcomed to this site and encouraged to benefit from the research presented.

Project Paper:

Social Reconciliation: Pre- and Post-Conflict in the Egyptian Setting (January 2010)

Reviewed by:

Dr. Baha Bakry, President of Sinai University
Dr. Amin Makram Ebeid, Coptic Author and Intellectual
Mr. Sameh Fawzy, Political Writer and Researcher

Project Methodology Presentation

Prepared under the supervision of:

Eng. Sawsan Gabra
Chair of the Center for Arab West Understanding, Egypt

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

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