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Project Status

Phase 1 of the ENAWU project has been very successful, bringing together over 15 organisations in collaboration.

 Lebanon Conference

The goal has not only been to develop a web-based portal, but also to develop a growing network of like minded academics leaders, students, diplomats, religious and community leaders - with the common aim of spreading awareness of the need for intercultural dialogue, tolerance and understanding between the people and communities in the Arab world and in the Western world.

 Amman Conference

The end of phase 1 was celebrated in Jordan's capital, Amman with the official launch of the project by HRH Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan on June 5, 2008. We are looking forward to the next phase, where we hope to not only resolve many of the technical needs that we have discovered on this journey but also to promote awareness of the ENAWU project and how it can positively impact many aspects of the work that is being done around the world to promote Arab-West understanding.

We invite you to browse the website and to get acquainted with the participating organisations and the wide range of experience, knowledge and activities that they bring to the issue.

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