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What is Arab West Report?

When the ENAWU project was first envisioned, the backbone of the information that we wanted to share was the work of the Arab-West Report (AWR), which today includes a unique archive of over 20,000 articles, texts and special reports, stretching back over 10 years.

AWR was established in 1997 by Kees Hulsman and Sawsan Gabra with the specific goal of fostering better understanding of the Arab world and also showing how polemics and biased media reporting can negatively impact understanding on each side of the Arab-West and Muslim-non-Muslim divide. Bridging that divide - and expanding the network of available resources - is one of the philosophical goals of the ENAWU project.

Today AWR appears as an independent weekly electronic magazine, which provides a digest of summary translations (into English) of newspaper articles from the Egyptian Arabic language press. AWR's staff also offer editorials, commentary and historical information (taken from their huge archive) on each of the articles and AWR also publishes special reports on a variety of subjects.

Recognising where the information comes from, and the needs of non-English speaking Arabic users, AWR has also been developing its  Arabic language presence and in addition to producing an Arabic version of the weekly issues, work has begun on translating summaries from the back issues of AWR.

As part of the ENAWU project we have been exploring and developing some of the technical production, publishing, indexing and library related issues in order to improve access to the AWR archive - not only for its subscribers, but also for casual visitors to the AWR website.  There is scope for a lot of development in Phase 2 of ENAWU - and we invite you to participate.

Click on the banner link below to visit the AWR website and find out more for yourself.

Arab West Report

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